The implantology centre that will soon open the doors in London, will surprise you with Lithuanian prices

The implantology centre that will soon open the doors in London, will surprise you with Lithuanian prices

Do you have a toothache? This is a signal that tells you two things: you will have to visit a dentist and to drain your purse noticeably. While they announce ever-increasing prices for dental services in Lithuania, a dental implantology centre founded by Lithuanians in one of the Europe’s largest cities, London, promises not only affordable but also lower prices than at home. 

The doctor implantologist Rokas Jancevičius, who has been working in London for three years already, says that the idea of opening a dental clinic, which would be not very pricy, was suggested by the patients themselves: “Both in the media and from emigrated compatriots, we often hear that the prices of dental services in Ireland or Great Britain are 3-5 times higher than in Lithuania. Therefore, people often have to return back to Lithuania for treatment. We wanted to establish a clinic that would offer not only high quality, but also affordable services. Everybody deserves to have a beautiful smile”, – says R. Jancevičius, the founder of “Complex Smile Implant Centre”. 

Will the prestigious location guarantee the best prices?

The implantology centre that will open the doors at the end of January is located almost in the heart of London – in the central part, just a few minutes from the famous London Bridge (Tower bridge). “I have established a clinic where I would like to be treated myself. Therefore, together with the team, we looked not only for the most suitable place, atmosphere, but we also devoted great attention to the medical equipment and the personnel selection, in order to ensure that the patient will be provided with the highest quality services”, – the implantologist R. Jancevičius commentates. 

When asked how to balance the quality and price ratio in such a huge and competitive market, the doctor responds that the most important thing is the attitude: “We clearly understood our goal from the very first steps. During the creation of our business strategy, we found ourselves at a crossroads – just a few hundred meters away, dental clinics offer service prices which are several times higher than our rates. We could easily turn that way, but our goal, which was set out from the very beginning, did not allow us to deviate. For me personally, odontology is not just a business, it is my calling, and the patient is not just a “price for the service”, so the approach to the establishment and development of the clinic was different from the very beginning”, – says the owner of the clinic. 

No one should die with their teeth in a glass of water

At the “Complex Smile” implantology centre, patients will be offered affordable dental restoration services. The father of dental implantology, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, has said that no one should die with their teeth in a glass of water. Rokas Jancevičius, the founder of the clinic, says that it was the main idea that led to the creation of an affordable range of dental restoration services. “Even though we will have general dental procedures in the clinic, we mainly focus on dental implantation”. This is one of the most advanced methods of dental restoration – dental implants that look like and function as natural teeth.

“I hear different opinions about dental implants. It is no secret that this area is highly commercialized and that implants are sold like buns at the market. Due to this reason, the society has formed a hostile attitude towards this treatment technique. However, this method should only be used if it is necessary, and if it is possible to preserve the patient’s natural tooth, this should be certainly done. Unfortunately, this task is not always possible to implement – in this case, dental implantation is one of the most reliable and long-lasting ways of dental restoration”, – doctor Jancevičius says. 

The implantologist says that dental implantation prices have been much higher and prohibitive just a decade ago. “During this period, the market has changed significantly and competitive conditions have made the prices of these services unified. Lithuanians living in the UK used to return to Lithuania for dental implantation, but nowadays there is no sense in doing this – prices are similar to those in our homeland, and, due to the wider market and higher patient flow, some services are even cheaper”, – the specialist explains. 

In addition, patients no longer need to open their purses wide, because of improved technology. For example, only four implants may be used for restoration of the entire toothless jaw.. “This technique is called “All on 4” and is applied to patients who have lost all or most of their teeth. The essence of this implantation method is that the entire jaw teeth can be restored on just four implants, causing less discomfort to the patient, saving time and money. This is a new generation dental restoration technique that is more accessible to patients”, – the implantologist Rokas Jancevičius says. However, if you have lost your tooth or several teeth, and think about the dental restoration, it is recommended that you consult a specialist who will apply the treatment method, which is the most appropriate and acceptable for the patient.

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