Viktorija Svistunova

Dental Nurse

Dental Nurse

About Viktorija

Driven by her desire to put a smile on people’s faces, Viktorija become a dental nurse, and loves her profession. Working closely with the dentists at Complex Smile, Viktorija takes responsibility for the decontamination of instruments and making sure they have everything they need to carry out treatment. She enjoys the collaborative approach that comes with her role.


  • Currently studying at Lotus Dental Education Centre.
  • Courses in First Aid, Decontamination of Instruments and Impression Care & Disinfection for Dental Nurses.
  • Communicating with Patients: Enhancing Communication Techniques course.
  • Safeguarding Level 2 Courses.

Position in Complex Smile

Viktorija is a Dental Nurse at Complex Smile.