Ieva Viskontaite

Treatment Coordinator

Treatment Coordinator

GDC. : 295101

About Ieva

As Treatment Coordinator at Complex Smile, Ieva helps patients with any queries they have on their treatment journey, and makes sure they have all the information they need prior to treatment. She also works as a Dental Nurse, ensuring patients are comfortable and well attended to during their implant surgery. Ieva very much enjoys these multi-faceted roles, giving her the opportunity to form a close relationship with patients of Complex Smile, and help with in a practical capacity as a Dental Nurse. Ieva describes herself as a great listener, something she believes is key to being a great Treatment Coordinator.


  • Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences, Klaipėda, Lithuania
  • National Diploma in dental nursing.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation & AED
  • Treatment Coordinator, Communication & Coordination Skills.

Position in Complex Smile

Ieva is the Treatment Coordinator at Complex Smile. She is also a qualified Dental Nurse.