All on 4/6 full arch in a Day

What is All on 4?

This methodology applies to patients who have lost all or most of their teeth, for one or both jaws. The essence of this implantation method is that jaw teeth can be restored to four dental implants, thereby causing less discomfort to the patient, saving time and money. And most importantly, the patient may already enjoy the restored smile the very same day. Your teeth can be restored on your request in just 24 hours!

Is All on 4 the best option?

It is important to understand that not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. For instance, there is more support for replacement teeth when six implants are placed in the upper jaw, where the bone is less dense than the bone in the lower jaw. This creates more security for long-term success. Also, if for any reason one of the implants fails to integrate with the bone, it is not possible to secure a full arch of replacement teeth on just three implants.

“All-on-4” is not always the best option for people who have worn dentures for several years. Not only have they lost a significant amount of bone, but also lip and cheek support, which could make it difficult to achieve a truly esthetic result with the “All-on-4” procedure.

Thats why to our patients we offer full mouth restoration depending on their individual case and no effect to final price. Implantologist will discuss with you and find the best treatment – whether it is All on 4 or All on 6 for the same price.

Don`t miss a chane to get a free consultation and treatment plan and take a first step to your new smile! 


Why should I consider All on 4?

We understand that implanting the entire mouth is a big and important step for you. Therefore, we try to put you as little discomfort as possible in both financial and physical terms. That’s why we have shortened the procedure to 24 hours and offer the most optimal and effective way to restore a full jaw or both. 

  • We can restore your smile within 24 hours!
  • Only 4 or 6 implants
  • 40-60% lower price than using other implantation methods
  • Only one surgical procedure (teeth are extracted, and implants are placed during one visit)
  • In most cases results are guaranteed – 97% of the procedures are successful
  • If procedure is well tolerated, it can be performed in 1,5 – 3 hours
  • Affordable price and no hidden fees
  • Pay as you go and finance options


First appointment


Before you have surgery, you will need to have one appointment at our clinic so the oral surgeon and restorative dentist can develop a treatment plan for you. This will involve taking X-rays, photos, impressions and other measurements.

Chechk up


You will need to return for check ups in the next few months to ensure the replacement teeth fit properly. At the six-month, your gums should have fully healed and your implants fused to the natural bone.



Next you will be scheduled for surgery implantation. In this stage, your new teeth will be fitted and adjusted within a 24 hour period, even if extractions are necessary. Temporary aesthetic plastic denture for implant treatment period is made and placed within one day, which can be used, if necessary, up to 1-2 years. This procedure is completely pain-free. We will make sure to feel you comfortable and relaxed.



Full jaw on 4 implants

Price starts from£9,500


  • Free consultation
  • 4 implants / Upper or lower jaw
  • Full treatment within a single day with teeth extraction if needed
  • Temporary bridge fitted within 24 hours!

Due to our patients comfort we can offer our most popular Teeth in a day package. If you want to see a complete price list visit our Prices page.

We understand that you need your smile right now! Although we try our best to keep prices as reasonable as possible sometimes they can still be challenge for patients budget. That`s why we offer an interest free pay as you go system.

What this means?

We will spread the cost of your treatment over the duration of your treatment for no extra cost. Once you have attended the clinic for your consultation we provide you with a full treatment plan and a suggested payment plan, which can be slightly adjusted if you feel that would make the treatment more accessible to you.

Within what time frame?

The average treatment plan takes between 3-6 months to complete, thus resulting in you having 3-6 months to pay your balance. The final payment must be made before we can fit you final restoration.


You can choose a financing plan. It allows you to spread the cost of your treatment over an agreed period that fits within your budget! More info

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